Hart Backbord - kannst Du mitsingen

Haul away, Joe!

When I was a little boy
my mother always told me
Hey, haul away, we`ll haul away Joe

If I did not kiss the girls
my lips would all grow moldyHey, haul away, we`ll haul away Joe

Hey, haul away, we`ll haul for better weather
Hey, haul away, we`ll haul away Joe

Once in my life I married a wife
but she was fat and lazy

Then I met an Irish girl,
she damn near drove me crazy


Once I was in Ireland,
a-digging turf and taters

But now I`m on a Limey ship,
a-hauling on the braces


St. Patrick drove away the snakes,
then drank up all the whiskey

This made him dance and sing a jig,
he felt so fine and frisky


You call yourself a second mate
but you can't tie a bowline

You cannot even stand up straight
when the ship it is a-rolling


The cook is in the galley
making duff so handy

The captain`s in his cabin
drinking wine and brandy


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